East Africa 2012

7½ months - with Melanie - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

Selected region: Rwanda

The country of a thousand hills  —  2012/08/29  —  Rwanda

Rwanda is nicknamed 'the country of a thousand hills'.In this article, I am showing you great scenery and interesting places. One day, at the end of the...
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Alongside Lake Kivu  —  2012/08/25  —  Rwanda

Lake Kivu, located west of the country, extends for nearly 100 kilometres. It is also a border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This lake has...
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Nyungwe Forest National Park  —  2012/08/19  —  Rwanda

The Nyungwe Forest extends for 1015 km2 and protects the largest mid-altitude forest in Africa. It shelters a rich biodiversity with no fewer than 1050...
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Craft and dance  —  2012/08/14  —  Rwanda

Here are a few types of crafts and dance that are still being done in Rwanda. Following the genocide of 1994, several techniques and part of the know-how...
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The genocide of 1994  —  2012/08/13  —  Rwanda

In this article, I don't pretend to exhaustive information on the genocide. I will try to give you an outline of the events to help you understand the...
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Kigali - Rwanda capital  —  2012/08/12  —  Rwanda

This small city located in the country's centre is probably known only because of the 1994 genocide and the numerous movies made following this sad event...
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On the shore of Lake Muhazi  —  2012/08/10  —  Rwanda

Rwanda is endowed with numerous rivers and lakes. Here is a small visit to Lake Muhazi located north-east of Kigali.Our first camping around the lake...
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Akagera National Park  —  2012/08/08  —  Rwanda

Akagera National Park, north-east of the country, has an area of 1085 km2. It is located at an altitude of 1600 to 1800 metres and is home to several...
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First Impressions  —  2012/08/06  —  Rwanda

What did I know about Rwanda? Nothing, except for the genocide of 1994. In fact, I knew vaguely the story of the genocide (two ethnic groups fought each...
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