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Protests in Chile

November 12, 2019  —  Chile


Huara - Chile
It would be easy to drive on the right side of the road...

Surprise! It is a national protest day in Chile. All around the country, the main roads have been blocked for many hours.

I am at the entrance of the village of Huara. The protesters have blocked the road with tires, and they set up camp in the middle of it. All is peaceful and the motorists seem to accept their fate with serenity. In fact, a large majority of them are in agreement with the protesters.

With the motorbike, I pass in front of all the vehicles to stop right next to the barricade. I take some time to shoot pictures and to chat with the protesters. Their goal is to put pressure on the government, and all is done in good spirit. It is a necessary evil so to make things happen, as the protesters and motorists say.

Well, well! I don't intend to wait under the sun for many hours waiting for the road to be reopened. Look at the picture and you will see that on the right side of the paved road, it's a flat and arid land without any major obstacles. It is not the type of terrain that would stop a road-only bike, so for a bike like mine, it is very easy to drive on.

Thus, after talking to the protesters, I slowly return to the bike. Suddenly, I start it on and dash off to the side of the road and I continue my journey. The protesters booed a bit, but there were no aggressive moves.

Huara - Chile
A long queue of motorists waiting for the road to reopen.
Pozo Almonte - Chile
Further away, a tank crossing. Not something you see every day.

Pozo Almonte

After Huara, I reach the village of Pozo Almonte. There, the day had been more intense. There are two burnt car wrecks in the middle of the road, and some tires have also been burnt down. Fortunately, there is nobody around and the protest seems to be over.

In the village, I quickly find a hotel, and I am lucky to get a room. With all the protests going on, many people are getting stuck in the middle of their journey and they must stop for the night. Apparently, in the large cities, the heat is still on and it could last the night.

Pozo Almonte - Chile
Pozo Almonte - Chile
One of the roads in the village.
Pozo Almonte - Chile