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May 20, 2019  —  Colombia
Bogotá - Colombia
View from my balcony.

Welcome to South America!

I completed the first step of my great journey of explorations through the Americas. I am on the other side of the famous Darien Gap, a gap of about a hundred kilometres through an almost uncrossable region in the jungle, between Panama and Colombia. I am ready for new adventures in this new even more fantastic region.

Before starting again, I stopped for a few days in Bogota in order to take care of the second most important piece of equipment I own; the motorbike (the camera is ranked #1). I left it for several days at a garage in order for a complete checkup to be done. I found a place where the boss himself owns a DR650; the same motorbike as me. Here is the list of what has been done:

tuning + new timing chain
valves tuning
clutch tuning
new gasket - clutch side
new gasket - stator side
carburetor: new float, new slide, new needle, tuning
oil change of front and rear suspensions
suspensions tuning
new engine oil and filter
air filter cleaning
chain support
new spark plugs
new clutch lever
misc. screws
alignment of panniers and racks
alignment of front light
Bogotá - Colombia
Bogotá - Colombia
Maintenance in Colombia (+47482 km).

While the motorbike was at the garage, I prepared a detailed route for Ecuador, and I also walked around the city. At the beginning, I wanted to visit a few of the highlights in the capital, but in the end, I have been more interested in the markets, restaurants, and parks. For once, I didn't bring a camera, I enjoyed some of the nice pleasure of the city, and I must admit that Bogota is really a nice place. In many restaurants and small bars, I enjoyed craft beers and many of them were excellent.

After my stay in the capital of Colombia, I drove across the country until Ecuador. As I said before, I will visit Colombia only when I am returning to Quebec. Thus, it's in Ecuador that my adventure will start once again.

To be continued!