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A slight detour to Quebec

March 7, 2019  —  Costa Rica

I am trying to add a new element to my site. From now on, when you see this image in the list of posts, it will be about a text describing my latest adventures instead of a post with mostly photos.

So, if you are more interested in the description of my adventures, and less to the photos, you could only read the posts with this image. Of course, I will add a few pictures from time to time...


If you look at the map, with the route I travelled since Honduras, you will notice that I quickly drove through Nicaragua, and I went directly to the capital of Costa Rica. On the map, the line is in yellow since I am not visiting any sites. I am transiting to a destination, and I am only driving. I already had planned a trip to Quebec for 2-3 weeks in order to renew my driving license...

However, toward the end of my visit in Honduras, my camera stopped functioning. My drone has been broken for the last three months, my zoom lens was broken even before I brought it from Quebec, and now my main camera also died. I only had a telephone with a used battery that was losing its power in less than two hours. To those that think that phones take pictures as well as a real camera, believe me, it's far from being true... even with the latest and greatest 2019 model.

As photography is really important to me, I decided to come back to Quebec sooner to solve my photo problem. From March 7th to 23rd, I flew to Quebec for three weeks, and took advantage of my stay to buy a new type of camera as well as two new lenses in order to be able to pursue my passion of photography. I chose to go with a micro four-third system. This type of camera has a smaller sensor than the old camera I had. One of the advantages is that the camera and the lenses are smaller than the equivalent in a full-frame system, and moreover, they also cost less. The equipment size is an important factor when riding a motorbike with limited storage space. Technically, there are several advantages in using these small cameras, and maybe I will do a post to describe them when I have more experience with my new toy.

I was never attracted to the video aspect of a trip, and the cost for the repair of the drone encouraged me to think about what I really wanted with video. The answer was simply 'nothing.' I don't want to do any video. I never developed a taste for this form of art. I will always be able to make video with the camera, but I decided to leave the drone at home. Even the GoPro, that I like much less than the drone, has stayed in Quebec... I will travel a bit lighter for the rest of the trip.

I had to rethink my plan for the journey through South America. I drafted a new route in order to travel as much as possible in the best months in each country. So, when I go back the new plan is not to return to Nicaragua. I will also not visit Costa Rica, and I will concentrate on Panama in April. Then, I go to Colombia which I will not visit either. My adventure will start once more in Ecuador in June, and I will slowly go south toward Patagonia. Now, there is a return route planned... back to Quebec. My new planning is up to summer 2021! Still many kilometres ahead of me!

April in Panama, and June in Ecuador... What about the month of May? I keep that month as a buffer to cross Colombia, and to prepare detailed routes for each country of South America. In addition, I will find a good mechanic to have the motorbike thoroughly inspected from A to Z. In short, a relaxing month.

Obviously, I also renewed my driving license; the initial goal of my excursion home. I also took a new expatriate medical insurance since I will lose the Quebec health insurance benefit. After everything was in order, I returned to Costa Rica on March 23rd.