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Yucatán Peninsula 3/3

February 19, 2018  —  Mexico
Bats - Campeche - Mexico

Here is a fantastic show from Mother Nature. Looking at this small hole at the bottom of the hole, it's easy to think it's boring. Indeed it is. However, some time before sunset, an extraordinary show happens every day... Look at the video.

Bats emerging from the cave.

Goodbye Mexico

Chetumal - Quintana Roo - Mexico

Here I am in Chetumal, close to Belize border. It is here that ends my 4.5 months' stay in Mexico. Watching only the news, one will think that the country is dangerous and personal security a problem. My trip went very well. In fact, I loved Mexico for various reasons.

The scenery is great; mountains over 4000 metres, super white-sand beaches, canyons, great rivers, and the jungle...

Mexico has a rich history; there are many ruins of ancient empires to explore such as the Olmecs, the Toltecs, the Aztecs, and the famous Mayans.

The food is good; taco, tlayuda, burrito, quesadilla, torta, tamale, empanada, picada, chicharron...

There are a lot of festivals of all kinds; the Day of the Dead, the festival at Chiapa de Corzo...

And there is the Mexican people; They are very friendly and welcoming. I met many people that made this trip a great one, Tato Rws, Alcides Molina Marquez. A special thanks to Juan Jose Basaldua Espinosa for his hospitality and his help.