Guide in Morocco 2010
Treks in the desert and the Atlas Mountains. Various activities.

Information on the Journey

During a two-year period, I worked with the team at Karavaniers as an adventure guide. My destinations have been Tanzania, Uganda, and Morocco in Africa. I guided several groups, but I also had time for a few solo trips.

The four sections, under the category Adventure Guide in Africa, are not in chronological order, but they are rather divided in major themes.

This section titled Guide in East Africa 2009-2011 presents photos taken while guiding two groups of students for varied activities, and two other regular groups for treks.

Some data

Travelling with several groups

Regions visited: Morocco
When? 2010


Morocco 1 month 29 days
Travel Time: 1 month 29 days
Not travelling:
Total: 1 month 29 days