Ethiopia to Cape Town 2013-2014
8 months - with Gitane - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

Planning a trip

NOTE: This series of articles is about my four trips in Africa with a 4x4 van.

The goal of these articles is to help you understand what is necessary for planning a vehicle trip in various countries. Although the information is appropriate for people of several countries, the details are specific to a Canadian traveller from the province of Québec.

I don't pretend to complete and exhaustive information, but you will have a good overview of what is required for such a trip. There is enough information to give you an idea about the bureaucracy and logistic needed for an expedition of a few months to a few years.

Here is a brief description of each section and some examples of answers you will find.

Section « My story »

The story of this project: from an idea to a real trip.

How did the project start?
Why did I leave from Tanzania?
Why a five weeks test-drive?

Section « The vehicle »

Description of the vehicle, its modifications and the required equipment.

Which vehicle to choose?
Why select a Toyota Hiace instead of a Land Cruiser?
Are an electrical winch, tent or extra fuel jerrycans needed?

Section « Paperwork »

Description of all the required Paperwork for an extended trip.

What is a carnet de passage en douane?
Is there a passport with more than 24 pages?
Is the driving permit valid?

Section « Health »

Brief reminder of all the important items about health.

Need for an insurance?
More than 6 months outside Quebec?
First Aids?

Section « References »

A non-exhaustive list of my references (books and web site).

Which travel guide to use?
Where to find information?
Other travellers web site?