Cape Town to Tanzania 2014

Solo trip for 12 months - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

Selected region: Lesotho

Malealea  —  2015/05/01  —  Lesotho

Malealea is another pretty village of Lesotho where several activities are possible. There, I did a nice trek in a magnificent gorge.I did the trek with...
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Semonkong  —  2015/04/29  —  Lesotho

Semonkong (Place of Smoke) is a small mountain village where horses are all around. Most villagers get about using this animal and it gives the impression...
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Dams in Lesotho  —  2015/04/25  —  Lesotho

Katse Dam A huge hydroelectric project is currently going on in Lesotho. It has started some 10-15 years ago and should go on for another 10 years. The...
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Ts'Ehlanyane National Park  —  2015/04/22  —  Lesotho

It is the only park I have visited in Lesotho. There, I have done a nice trek of about 15 km through nice scenery. Lesotho's climate is quite unpredictable;...
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Landscapes of Lesotho  —  2015/04/21  —  Lesotho

Road from Sani Pass to Butha-Buthe Most of the time, people travel from point A to point B to visit the nicest sites of a country. The road is sometimes...
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Sani Pass  —  2015/04/20  —  Lesotho

The previous blog was about Sani Pass. It described the drive up from South Africa to the Kingdom of Lesotho. Now I have reached the small border post...
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