Quebec to Panama 2017-2019

(North and Central America)
16 months - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Information on the Journey

This new trip is done by motorbike.

The first part of my trip by motorbike started by crossing USA from east to west using the Trans-America Trail. It's a very nice route that can be somewhat difficult, especially in the West. However, the scenery is spectacular. This first part of the big trip will be done with my friend Thierry who came from France for 40 days and Alvaro from Spain.

Next, after this introduction to motorbiking, I continue my trip in solo. The goal is to reach Ushuaia, the southernmost city of South America. I am taking as long as it takes to get there. I wish to have a great motorbiking experience, but also, I would like to visit all the numerous countries found between Quebec and Tierra del Fuego where Ushuaia is located. Then, I am going to return to Quebec, with a lot more regions to discovers.

This trip is a great journey exploring the Americas. Even though it's really only one trip, I split it in three parts on this site in order to lighten each section.

Quebec to Panama 2017-2019USA, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica (a tiny region), Panama.
South America 2019-202xall the countries in the continent, except Venezuela, unless the political turmoil comes to an end.
Panama to QuebecPanama (the mountains), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Baja California in Mexico, ???)

Some data

Travelling solo

Regions visited:USA, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama
When? From August 1 2017 to May 14 2019 (with a break in Quebec from April to October 2018)

Technical Data

Travellers with a Canadian passport. TIP = Temporary Import Permit. Petrol = 87 octane.

USA (August 2017)

VEHICULENo import document needed.
CURRENCYUS Dollar - $US 1 = 1.25 CAD
INSURANCEIncluded with my Quebec insurance.
PETROL$US 0.55 - 1.05 / litre

Mexico (Octobre 2017)

VISA6 months, at the border, about $US 50 + $US 30 exiting.
VEHICULETIP at the border, $US 400 temporary bond.
CURRENCYMexican Peso - $US 1 = 18.5 MXN - $CAD 1 = 15 MXN
INSURANCEBought online before entering the country, 6 months $US 190.
PETROL$US 0.90 / litre

Belize (February 2018)

VISA1 month, at the border, free.
VEHICULETIP at the border, $CAD 3 fumigation, $CAD 10 road tax, $US 20 exiting.
CURRENCYBelizean Dollar - $US 1 = 2.02 BZD - $CAD 1 = 1.57 BZD
INSURANCEAt the border, 1 month $CAD 40.
PETROL$CAD 2 / litre

Guatemala (March 2018)

VISA1 month, at the border, free.
VEHICULETIP at the border, $CAD 5.30 fumigation, $CAD 30 moto, $CAD 1.80 bridge.
CURRENCYGuatemalan Quetzal - $US 1 = 7.22 GTQ - $CAD 1 = 5.66 GTQ
INSURANCENot necessary.
PETROL$CAD 1.30 / litre

Guatemala (October 2018)

CURRENCYGuatemalan Quetzal - $US 1 = 7.70 GTQ - $CAD 1 = 5.87 GTQ
PETROL$CAD 1.12 - 1.35 / litre