Quebec - Patagonia 2017-2019

(North and Central America)
unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650 moto

DR650 Maintenance and problems log

September 1, 2017  —  Various
Oregon - United States
Puncture repair.
Arizona - United States
Pulse coil replacement.


0 km (the bike is at 18896 km)

new bearings front/rear - 5 bearings (Moose Racing)
new brake pads front/rear (EBC Long Life Sintered)
new chain (DID 525 ZVMX)
new sprockets - JT 43T and JT 15T
new oil and oil filter
new air filter (Twin Air)
new spark plugs
new battery - Yuasa YTX9-BS

+8200 km

pulse coil is dead - used spare part I already had

+10415 km

rookie mistake - when putting back the rear wheel, I forget to put the middle spacer
after a few kms, the bearings are destroyed, two spacers are slightly damaged
bearings are all changed
I changed the two spacers on each end of the axle
luckily, damages to other parts are minimal

+23500 km

a bolt on the luggage rack is broken in two - I then notice that that bike rear/left rack bracket is broken
new welding of bracket with reinforcement
managed to remove and replace broken bolt easily

+27317 km

changed brake light bulb and headlight bulb

+33607 km
After a 6 months break at home, I have returned to Mexico to retrieve the motorbike and continue my trip. I took the opportunity to bring back some new spare parts. It was not necessary to change them now, the chain could have done a few thousands kilometres more. However, it is easier to buy parts in Quebec, and I installed them when I got back to Mexico. On a motorbike, space is too rare to be able to carry many spare parts.

new air filter (TwinAir)
new spark plugs 2x
new front sprocket - JT 15T
new rear sprocket - JT 43T
new chain (DID 525 ZVMX)
brake light bulb
 - Hidalgo - Mexico
Rear Shinko 705 after ~12000 km (1st set).
 - Hidalgo - Mexico
Rear brake pad after 23104 km (1st set).

Engine oil and filter:

0 kmoil change + filter
+5 800 kmoil change
+11304 kmoil change + filter (30200 km)
+17649 kmoil change (36545 km)
+23986 kmoil change + filter (42882 km)
+30234 kmoil change (49130 km)
+33607 kmoil change + filter (52503 km, after 6 months in storage)
+39272 kmoil change (58168 km)


0 kmnew rear/front
+23104 kmnew rear/front (rear 90% gone, front 60% gone)
+39288 kmnew rear/front


0 kmDunlop 606 tires
+1000 kmfront tire changed - Trailwing
+5800 kmrear tire changed - TKC 80
+10400 kmtires changed - Shinko 705 (~12000 km rear)
+23104 kmtires changed - Shinko 705 (16184 km on rear)
+39288 kmrear tire changed - Dunlop Trailmaster
Parque Nacional Los Volcanes - El Salvador
New Dunlop Trailmaster.


+6700 kma nail - rear - United States
+10000 kma nail - rear - United States
+35144 kma screw - rear (tube replaced) - Guatemala
+37403 kma piece of metal - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
+38501 kma thorn - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
+38973 kma nail - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
Road from Cara Sucia to El Imposible Park - El Salvador
First day in El Salvador. A puncture.