South America 2019-202x

unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

DR650 Maintenance and problems log

May 15, 2019  —  Various
Oregon - United States
Puncture repair.
Arizona - United States
Pulse coil replacement.


0 km (the bike is at 18896 km)

new bearings front/rear - 5 bearings (Moose Racing)
new brake pads front/rear (EBC Long Life Sintered)
new chain (DID 525 ZVMX)
new sprockets - JT 43T and JT 15T
new oil and oil filter
new air filter (Twin Air)
new spark plugs
new battery - Yuasa YTX9-BS

+8200 km

pulse coil is dead - used spare part I already had

+10415 km

rookie mistake - when putting back the rear wheel, I forget to put the middle spacer
after a few kms, the bearings are destroyed, two spacers are slightly damaged
bearings are all changed
I changed the two spacers on each end of the axle
luckily, damages to other parts are minimal

+23500 km

a bolt on the luggage rack is broken in two - I then notice that that bike rear/left rack bracket is broken
new welding of a bracket with reinforcement
managed to remove and replace broken bolt easily

+27317 km

changed brake light bulb and headlight bulb

+33607 km
After a 6 months break at home, I have returned to Mexico to retrieve the motorbike and continue my trip. I took the opportunity to bring back some new spare parts. It was not necessary to change them now, the chain could have done a few thousands kilometres more. However, it is easier to buy parts in Quebec, and I installed them when I got back to Mexico. On a motorbike, space is too rare to be able to carry many spare parts.

new air filter (TwinAir)
new spark plugs 2x
new front sprocket - JT 15T
new rear sprocket - JT 43T
new chain (DID 525 ZVMX)
brake light bulb

+43104 km
After a brief three-week round trip home, I bring back a new air filter.

new air filter (TwinAir)
 - Hidalgo - Mexico
Rear Shinko 705 after ~12000 km (1st set).
 - Hidalgo - Mexico
Rear brake pad after 23104 km (1st set).

+47482 km
The motorbike was shipped by cargo plane from Panama to Colombia. During my stay in Bogotá, I take the opportunity to go to a mechanic from a complete check-up.

tuning + new timing chain
valves tuning
clutch tuning (wow, a new clutch plate was added)
new gasket - clutch side
new gasket - stator side
carburetor: new float, new slide, new needle, tuning
oil change of front and rear suspensions
suspensions tuning
new engine oil and filter
air filter cleaning
chain support
new spark plugs
new clutch lever
misc. screws
alignment of panniers and racks
alignment of front light! new tires
Bogotá - Colombia
Bogotá - Colombia
Maintenance in Colombia (+47482 km).

+52028 km
Most of what was done in Colombia was bad work, thus I had the motorbike checked again in Ecuador. In fact, the mechanic in Colombia was a scam. Some changes he supposedly did were not done, or they were done with used parts somewhat less worn out than the one I already had on the bike.

valve seals
carburetor cleaning + new slide + new jet needle
rear wheel bearings
new timing chain
gaskets (clutch, stator, valve...)
new piston and rings set
o-ring seal on radiator
cush drive rubber dampers
friction clutch plates
welding and strengthening of the luggage rack and frame
new rear suspension spring (more rigid)
Quito - Ecuador
Sata, mechanic/owner of Moto Hell in Quito.

+57490 km

welding of the luggage rack

+59280 km

fork seals changes

Engine oil and filter:

0 kmoil change + filter
+5 800 kmoil change
+11304 kmoil change + filter (30200 km)
+17649 kmoil change (36545 km)
+23986 kmoil change + filter (42882 km)
+30234 kmoil change (49130 km)
+33607 kmoil change + filter (52503 km, after 6 months in storage)
+39272 kmoil change (58168 km)
+45418 kmoil change + filter (64314 km)
+47482 kmoil change + filter (64314 km, at the mechanic in Colombia)
+52028 kmoil change + filter (70924 km, at the mechanic in Ecuador)
+56225 kmoil change (75121 km)
+59280 kmoil change + filter (78178 km)


0 kmnew rear/front
+23104 kmnew rear/front (rear 90% gone, front 60% gone)
+39288 kmnew rear/front
+52028 kmnew rear
+59280 kmnew front


0 kmDunlop 606 tires
+1000 kmfront tire changed - Trailwing
+5800 kmrear tire changed - TKC 80
+10400 kmtires changed - Shinko 705 (longevity: ~12000 km rear)
+23104 kmtires changed - Shinko 705 (longevity: 16184 km rear, 24 378 km front)
+39288 kmrear tire changed - Dunlop Trailmaster (longevity: 8194 km rear)
+47482 kmtires changed - Michelin Sirac (rear changed at 8743 km, split tire)
+56225 kmrear tire changed - Pirelli Scorpion MT90 AT
Parque Nacional Los Volcanes - El Salvador
New Dunlop Trailmaster.
Bogotá - Colombia
Dunlop Trailmaster after 8194 km.
Michelin Sirac @ 500 km.
Cajamarca - Peru
Michelin Sirac at 8743 km, 1 cm slit.
Cajamarca - Peru
New Pirelli MT90 A/T.


+6700 kma nail - rear - United States
+10000 kma nail - rear - United States
+35144 kma screw - rear (tube replaced) - Guatemala
+37403 kma piece of metal - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
+38501 kma thorn - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
+38973 kma nail - rear (tube replaced) - El Salvador
+50211 kma metal pin - rear (tube replaced) - Ecuador
+56124 kmtire has a 1 cm slit - rear (tube replaced, new tire when back in town) - Peru
Road from Cara Sucia to El Imposible Park - El Salvador
First day in El Salvador. A puncture.