South America 2019-202x
unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

DR650 Modifications List

May 14, 2019  —  Various
Quebec City - Quebec - Canada

Here is a list of modifications made on the bike and a few comments on them.

When I refer to the TAT, it means the Trans-America Trail. This trail is quite difficult and taxing for the equipment. This part of the trip was done with two partners.

rear shock
new valve and 0.76 kg/mm spring
too soft
0.45 kg/mm spring (I think)
rebound is still too high (re-valving?)
fuel tank
Acerbis 25 litres / 6.6 gallons
two petcocks
each petcock has its own fuel filter (Procycle)
locking cap
indicator relocation bracket (Procycle)
standard SeatConcepts seat
much better than OEM
countershaft sprocket seal
magnetic oil drain
skid plate
already there when bike was purchased, unknown brand
headlight guard (Procycle)
Neutral Sensing Unit (NSU)
Procycle kit
extended fuel screw (Procycle)
secondary air filter from Procycle
licence plate
added a bottom screw
upper drive chain roller
removed and replaced by screw
lower drive chain roller
replaced by a better quality part
rim lock
only one on the rear wheel - installed at 180°
Renthal Standard 7/8" handlebar - CR High
Bikemaster riser (about 4 cm)
Barkbusters Storm Handguards
OEM pegs
too high for me, very bad
trashed after the TAT
replaced with Procycle pegs
Procycle pegs
currently evaluating
SW-Motech centerstand
new mirrors
KTM Military - 280 mm
tool box
replaced OEM box with Procycle one
bypass sidestand switch
kept clutch switch
Happy Trail Teton 9" luggage system;
with tail plate
aluminum panniers without any coating)
rack and tail plate seem very solid
pannier quality is very good
after the TAT, I think that the mounting bracket is weak; a system with bigger washers/plastic mounts would be better
the rear/left bracket on the bike broke (Dec 2017). It has been welded and reinforced
needed with heated grips, heated vest, headlight, and electronic gear recharge
Garmin 276cx with AMPS mount
Inreach - satellite communication system
with adequate mount
heated grips
Bikemaster - 36 Watt
works very well
SAE connectors for charging electronic equipment
3x front (various fuse), 2x rear
via a 30 AMP standard automobile relay
connector for the heated vest - proprietary
via a 30 AMP standard automobile relay
headlight switch
needed so that heated grips and vest can function at the same time
heated vest
Venture Heat

Popular modifications I choose not to do:

no wind screen
OEM exhaust
no carburetor re-jetting
no engine guard
no automatic chain oiler

Spare parts:

clutch lever (2x)
front brake lever
rear brake lever
gear shifter lever
bulbs 1xH4, 1 flasher, 1 brake
pick-up coil (aka pulse coil)
standard front/rear tube
clutch cable
throttle cable
12V relay
fuel pipe
oil filters
Emergency Oil Cooler Bypass (Procycle)
remote choke (can be installed directly on carburetor)


Dunlop D606
at departure
enduro tire not adapted to tar driving
front gone after 1000 km (70% tar)
rear good for 4000 km
excellent on trails, but don't go on tar
Continental TKC 80
rear tire - 5000 km
excellent for off-road, average on tar
Shinko 705 (80%/20% dirt)
(1st set) rear 12 000 km (with maybe 2000 km left)
(1st set) front 12 000 km (only at 50%, I changed it way too early)
(2er set) rear 16 184 km, front 24 378 km
Dunlop Trailmaster
rear 8194 km
Michelin Sirac
rear 8743 km (1 cm split)