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Road from Choix to Tubares
Road from Cerocahui to Urique
Road from Cerocahui to Urique
United States
Québec to Patagonia 2017
unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650 moto

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Where am I : location sent via satellite (December 15, 2017)
November 21, 2017
Still on the road doing a lot of kms, but seeing awesome sites.
November 2, 2017
I am in Guadalajara for the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos).
October 6, 2017
I am now in Mexico.
September 26, 2017
I planned a route through the mountains up to Mexico. But with night temperatures close to freezing point, I might go more directly south. The heated vest was an excellent purchase.
September 25, 2017
Test (sent with a Satellite GPS Communicator)
September 10, 2017
A first leg is now completed. Driving the Trans-America Trail across the USA is done. Thierry and Alvaro have returned to Europe. I am now stopped at a campsite for several days waiting for packages and updating this blog...
August 30, 2017
Already a month since I left. Lots of driving and long days. A beautiful trip and an excellent way to learn about motorbike driving. The Jnomade server was partly down, thus I was not able to update it until today.
July 31, 2017
Trip begins tomorrow morning
June 25, 2017
Trip planning ongoing…
June 24, 2017
A new journey starting August 1st.

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  Copper Canyon region - 3 of 4  —  2017/10/18  —  Mexico

Up to now, the trail from Urique to Batopilas, has been the most difficult one that I drove in solo. Before starting the trail, I knew that the first part would be the most...
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  Copper Canyon region - 2 of 4  —  2017/10/17  —  Mexico

The landscapes in the first part were fantastic, but those I was about to see after Cerocahui were even more impressive. A few kilometres after Cerocahui, I reach a first...
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  Copper Canyon region - 1 of 4  —  2017/10/14  —  Mexico

The Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre, in Spanish) is a series of canyons located in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua. Six canyons and as many rivers merge...
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Álamos - Pueblo Mágico  —  2017/10/11  —  Mexico

The Pueblos Mágicos are villages or towns that offer a 'magical' experience with their beauty, culture, or history. Álamos is the first magical site I visited.Álamos is...
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First days  —  2017/10/06  —  Mexico

I entered Mexico by the border post at Tecate. On the American side, there is no real village, but on the Mexican side, there is a bustling town.Crossing the border was really...
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The last days in USA  —  2017/10/02  —  United States

My journey continues toward the south through the mountains. The scenery is fantastic. Here are some landscapes of the last week in the United States. I didn't visit a lot...
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Reno, Nevada  —  2017/09/28  —  United States

Reno is a mini Las Vegas. I say 'mini' since Reno is far from being an equal to Las Vegas. It is far less impressive, and there are fewer illuminated casinos at night.Nevertheless...
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Trans-America Trail - the end  —  2017/09/24  —  United States

We reached the Pacific Coast in Oregon, but we didn't complete the last kilometres on the Trans-America Trail. Because of a tight schedule and also since Thierry's luggage...
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Trans-America Trail 3  —  2017/09/09  —  United States

After many adventures, we are finally in Oregon, on the Pacific Coast.It is the end of our journey on the Trans-America Trail. Thierry and Alvaro are back in Europe and I...
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Trans-America Trail 2  —  2017/09/08  —  United States

Our journey continues in Utah, one of the most scenic areas of the TAT. In turn, some sections of the route are very difficult especially when carrying a lot of luggage;...
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Guns country  —  2017/09/07  —  United States

The United States is the best country for guns. Many Americans claim high and loud their right to have a firearm. Indeed, in the American Constitution, the 2nd amendment...
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Meeting Mennonites  —  2017/09/03  —  United States

Who are the Mennonites? Do you remember the movie Witness (1985) with Harrison Ford? That film is about Amish, but Mennonites live in a similar way.For my foreign eyes, the...
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Trans-America Trail 1  —  2017/09/01  —  United States

Here we are at the start of the Trans-America Trail, clean, shaved, and with bikes and luggage in good conditions. The TAT crosses the United States from New York to Oregon...
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DR650 Modifications List  —  2017/08/31  —  Various

Here is a list of modifications made on the bike and a few comments on them.When I refer to the TAT, it means the Trans-America Trail. This trail is quite difficult...
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DR650 Maintenance and problems log  —  2017/08/31  —  Various

Maintenance:0 km (the bike is at 18896 km)+5800 km+8200 km+10415 km+11304...
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A new start  —  2017/08/01  —  Québec

Motorbiking is a new adventure for me and it's the first time I drive. I hope I am going to like it and be able to accomplish the whole journey. Even though motorbiking is...
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