Tanzania 2011
5 weeks - solo travel - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

Information on the Journey

My different trips to Africa have started when I became an adventure guide for a company named Karavaniers. For two years, I guided travellers several times in Tanzania and once in Uganda. These trips made me eager to seek out adventure everywhere in Africa. A project was born.

During my free time, between groups to guide, I shopped for a 4x4 vehicle and I ended up with a small 4x4 van. My first safari was a small excursion in Tanzania for five weeks.

Some data

Travelling solo

Regions visited: Tanzania
When? October and November 2011


Tanzania 1 month 4 days
Travel Time: 1 month 4 days
Not travelling:
Total: 1 month 4 days

The best

Tanzania Tarangire National Park - Usambara Mountains - Ruaha National Park.

The worst

Tanzania High prices for tourists (parks, reserves, campground, etc.).

Best Time to Go

The time to avoid is the big rainy season from March to May. In November, there is a small rainy season, but not serious enough to avoid travelling.

The coast is hot and humid from December to March.

For animal sightings, as the dry seasons progress, the animals stay more and more around the waterholes. At that time, it is easier to observe them. However, for birds, the rainy season or slightly thereafter is often the best time.

Technical Data

Travellers with a Canadian passport.

Tanzania (September 2011)

VISA Obtained at the border or airport. $US 50 for 3 months.
CURRENCY Tanzanian Shilling - $US 1 = 1650 TZS
INSURANCE Local insurance or a COMESA insurance that covers the country ($90 for 6 months for all the covered countries).
DIESEL $US 1.30 / litre