Tanzania 2011
5 weeks - solo travel - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

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This journey is completed. Consult the map for the entire route.

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Dec 3, 2011  —   Tanzania
When I was in the Usambara Mountains, I camped at a very nice place called Mambo Viewpoint. At this place, the owners talk to me about a 4x4 path going...
Dec 2, 2011  —   Tanzania
The Usambara mountains are less visited and also not well known compared to the busy sites such as Kilimanjaro, Serengeti or Zanzibar. However, I found...
Dec 1, 2011  —   Tanzania
Pangani is a small town that had some importance when the Arabs were involved in trading along the coast of Tanzania (Zanzibar among others).Caravans...
Nov 30, 2011  —   Tanzania
I stopped on a beach to relax, read and drink a few beers. It was a welcome break, but after 2 days with temperature around 35 degrees, I hit the road...
Nov 29, 2011  —   Tanzania
Saadani in the only coastal park of Tanzania. Very few animals can be seen, but on the flip side landscapes are beautiful. First mud hole to test my new...
Nov 28, 2011  —   Tanzania
On the Indian Ocean Coast, north of Bagamoyo, I stumbled upon this salt production plant.Big ponds are filled with a few centimetres of sea water. Then...
Nov 27, 2011  —   Tanzania
Bagamoyo is a small city on the Indian Ocean Coast. It has been a city of importance in the 1800s. Around the beginning of the 1800s, Bagamoyo was the...
Nov 26, 2011  —   Tanzania
This park is located more or less in the centre of the country. With the recent addition of a huge area of marshland to the park, it has become the biggest...
Nov 25, 2011  —   Tanzania
The image often conveyed by the media, often shows children in misery or within a refugee camp with a big belly and flies on their face and also with...
Nov 6, 2011  —   Tanzania
At several places around Kolo Village in the Irangi Hills, there are rock paintings, some of which date from some 3000 years and others only a few centuries...
Nov 5, 2011  —   Tanzania
« On the road » is a title I use for a series of photo without any precise theme or to group several topics in one blog. They are photos taken...
Nov 4, 2011  —   Tanzania
This is a short story to show you how close animals can be seen in parks. If you think this elephant was taken with a super zoom, you are dead wrong...
Oct 29, 2011  —   Tanzania
Located in the north of Tanzania, this park is among the famous parks of the northern circuit such as the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro. This small park...
Oct 28, 2011  —   Tanzania
Here is the vehicle as bought: a Toyota HiAce 1994; 4 wheel-drive. After buying the vehicle, I made the following modifications:...