Ethiopia to Cape Town 2013-2014
8 months - with Gitane - Toyota Hiace 4x4 van

Selected region: Djibouti

Dec 16, 2013  —   Djibouti
Lake Assal is the most impressive place in Djibouti. It is a extremely salted lake located 153 metres below sea level. In fact, it is the lowest place...
Dec 15, 2013  —   Djibouti
Djibouti is a desert and volcanic country with a very arid climate and temperatures near 35 degrees Celsius during the day... sometimes even up to 40...
Dec 13, 2013  —   Djibouti
When we looked at an African map to plan our trip in Ethiopia, we noticed this small and barely visible country. We knew about this country only the name...