South America 2019-202x
unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Information on the Journey

Here is the second part of my motorbike journey in the Americas.

This trip is a great journey exploring the Americas. Even though it's really only one trip, I split it in three parts on this site in order to lighten each section.

Quebec to Panama 2017-2019 USA, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica (a tiny region), Panama.
South America 2019-202x all the countries in the continent, except Venezuela, unless the political turmoil comes to an end. This journey was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic for more than 2 years.
Interlude 2022 Panama (the mountains), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Baja California in Mexico, ???)

Some data

Travelling solo

Regions visited: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, French Guyana, Suriname
When? From May 14, 2019. The stop in Québec, starting in January 2020, has become a forced break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Colombia 11 days
Ecuador 2 months 27 days
Peru 2 months 7 days
Chile 1 month 2 days
Bolivia 11 days
Chile 1 month 3 days
Argentina 2 months 28 days
At home 2 years 2 months 23 days
Bolivia 1 year 7 months 29 days
Travel Time: 2 years 6 months 28 days
Not travelling: 2 years 2 months 23 days
Total: 4 years 9 months 20 days

Technical Data

Travellers with a Canadian passport. TIP = Temporary Import Permit.

Ecuador (May 2019)

VISA 3 months, at the border, free.
VEHICULE TIP at the border, 3 months, free.
CURRENCY US Dollar - $US 1 = 1.34 CAD
INSURANCE Not necessary.
PETROL $US 0.74-0.84 / litre (92 octane) - Diesel is around $US 0.30-0.40 /litre.