South America 2019-2023
unknown length - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Selected region: Chile 2

Dec 23, 2019  —   Chile 2
During the Christmas and New Year's holiday season, I stayed in Santiago, the capital of Chile. In fact, I stayed there almost a month to relax and essentially...
Dec 21, 2019  —   Chile 2
This village is one of the two access points for a visit of the Pingüino de Humboldt Reserve. From this place, it is possible to take a tour boat to...
Dec 19, 2019  —   Chile 2
After my journey to the Nevado de Tres Cruces Park, I return to the coast for a few days.You will find that even though beaches in Chile are sometimes...
Dec 17, 2019  —   Chile 2
The park Nevado de Tres Cruces is one of the hardest to reach in Chile due to its remoteness, and the lack of services in its surroundings.I successfully...
Dec 15, 2019  —   Chile 2
Scenery along the coast...
Dec 12, 2019  —   Chile 2
Chacabuco was a mining town at the time of the saltpetre-produced nitrate boom. It once sheltered up to 5,000 people, but it is now a ghost town with...
Dec 11, 2019  —   Chile 2
After a detour through Bolivia, I am back in San Pedro to visit the last popular sites around town. The town in itself is not very interesting, but the...