Quebec to Panama 2017-2019

(North and Central America)
16 months - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Selected region: Panama

Hasta Luego Central America  —  2019/05/14  —  Panama

My trip to Panama started with a visit of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago where I stayed one week to explore beaches and the jungle on some of the islands...
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Colón Province  —  2019/05/07  —  Panama

The Panama Canal cuts through the Isthmus of Panama and ends in the Atlantic Ocean in the Colón Province. Unlike the capital, the city of Colón is not...
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Panama City and its Canal  —  2019/05/01  —  Panama

Panama City Panama City, a capital with more than 1,5 million inhabitants. Panama is the name of a city, a province, and also a country. Located on the...
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End of the road  —  2019/04/24  —  Panama

Finally, it's done! I reached the end of the road... I am in Yaviza, a small remote village at the edge of the Darién Jungle.Sorry? What are you saying...
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On the road #2  —  2019/04/23  —  Panama

Lake Bayano This artificial lake was created in 1976, after the construction of a dam on the Río Bayano.A hostel in the jungle Nothing better than a short...
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Azuero Peninsula  —  2019/04/16  —  Panama

The Azuero Peninsula is probably the place where the rainy and dry seasons are the most obvious. Despite the fact that the rain has started in the mountains...
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On the road #1  —  2019/04/10  —  Panama

Boquete and Baru Volcano Some landscapes around Baru Volcano and the village of Boquete.Since the rainy season has already started, I chose to turn back...
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Bocas del Toro  —  2019/04/07  —  Panama

Bocas del Toro is a province located in the extreme northwest of the country. It's also an archipelago of magnificent islands with beautiful beaches and...
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