Quebec to Panama 2017-2019

(North and Central America)
16 months - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Selected region: Guatemala

Quetzaltenango  —  2018/03/26  —  Guatemala

It's the end of the first stage of my trip. After a few days in this city, I will return to Quebec for a few months. My mother is selling her house and...
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Semuc Champey  —  2018/03/22  —  Guatemala

The site is a series of pools with turquoise to green-emerald coloured water. It is easy to spend a full day swimming in each of the pools. ...
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Naj Tunich  —  2018/03/19  —  Guatemala

Naj Tunich was a pleasure to discover due to its remoteness. Indeed, I had very few information on its location, and I had to rely on an imprecise map...
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Grutas de Lanquín  —  2018/03/19  —  Guatemala

A superb cave near the village of Lanquín. The cave extends for several kilometres, but only the first hundreds metres are easily accessible. ...
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Sayaxché and Ceibal  —  2018/03/17  —  Guatemala

Sayaxché Sayaxché is a very ordinary small dusty town. However, the road to get there comes up against the River of Passion (Río de la Pasión). There...
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Lago Petén Itzá  —  2018/03/15  —  Guatemala

San Miguel After the jungle, a few days of rest around lake Petén Itzá were very welcome. Many people choose to stay on the island of Flores, but I chose...
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Tikal  —  2018/03/13  —  Guatemala

Tikal is the most famous site in Guatemala, and it is known for its numerous temples reaching as high as 44 metres, well above the forest canopy.The first...
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El Petén  —  2018/03/11  —  Guatemala

Yaxhá Narum Naranjo National Park After crossing the border, I ended up directly in the El Petén region of Guatemala. It is a hot and humid region, with...
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