Quebec to Panama 2017-2019

(North and Central America)
16 months - solo travel - Suzuki DR650

Selected region: Belize

Caracol  —  2018/03/09  —  Belize

Caracol is the most important Mayan archeological site of Belize. It is located in the thick jungle near the border with Guatemala.The city had its peak...
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Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve  —  2018/03/07  —  Belize

This reserve is a superb mountainous area with awesome forests, rivers, and waterfalls. The rivers and falls are great places to swim.....
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On the road  —  2018/03/04  —  Belize

Mennonites are also present in Belize. There are many communities, and most of them are relative to those that came from Canada.St. Herman's Blue Hole...
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Nature and animal life  —  2018/02/28  —  Belize

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary This sanctuary has the reputation to be an excellent place for birds observation. As far as I am concerned, it was not...
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Lamanai and Altun Ha  —  2018/02/25  —  Belize

Lamanai Lamanai was occupied as early as 1500 BC, and it was a very important ceremonial centre. Its peak seems to have been from 200 to 100 BC, and its...
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The North  —  2018/02/23  —  Belize

Corozal Town I got a surprise when I first stepped into Belize. After more than 4 months in Mexico, my Spanish was getting quite decent. Thus, when I got...
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